Financial Services Authority (FSA ) regulated, License No SD003

Extra Income for Managers and Investors

ForexCS provides Multi Account Manager (MAM) and Percent Allocation Management Module (PAMM) for Forex money managers. It is an essential integrated software tool to quickly execute block orders with one click under a master account arrangement and conveniently automate trade allocations to customer accounts.

The MAM software communicates all allocation settings directly with the ForexCS MetaTrader 4 server. This means a money manager only has to worry about trading through the MetaTrader 4 Master Account, all other processes are handled seamlessly by the MAM software. The software is ideal for traders or money managers utilizing Expert Advisors (EAs) and enhances the functionality of the MetaTrader 4 platform by allowing multiple accounts to be managed from one simple interface.


Block orders can be executed with one click from the master account with pre set allocation methods. Thousands of accounts can be traded with one click and with virtually no additional latency.

  • Expert Advisors (EA) allowed
  • Earn management fees, performance fees and commissions
  • Unlimited number of customer accounts
  • Access multiple master accounts to execute different strategies
  • MT4 servers in New York and Tokyo
  • Trade sizes from 0.01 with complete control
  • Allocate funds by Lot, Percentage, or Proportional
  • All normal order types accepted: Market, Stop, Limit
  • Monitor your commissions in real time


  • Money Manager should must deposit a minimum $£€5,000 of his own money.
  • Money Manager should have a minimum of 10 clients with a total equity of $10,000 or equivalent.
  • Money Manager’s own MT4 account will be attached to his master account together with his clients’ accounts.