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Forex Calendar & FX News

FOREX Calendar

It is difficult to become a successful trader if you do not know what is happening on the forex market. It is essential to have access to quality and timely information. Economic calendar is a vital part of fundamental analysis. Profits of every trader depend on correct interpretation of the data published in the calendar online. That is why, Calendar is one of the most needed tools for those interested in earning on Forex.

Calendar is very simple in use. To choose the most important news, apply special filters. With the help of the Forecast column, every trader can estimate future statistical figures in the nearest term.
If you strive for the most effective Forex trading, do not ignore news and do not limit your trading instruments to only a couple of currency pairs. A dynamic of a particular instrument is influenced by various factors:

  • - a change in interest rates;
  • - unemployment rate;
  • - GDP growth;
  • - retail sales;
  • - inflation indices's;
  • - consumer spending etc.
Keep abreast of events with the help of the news feed and you will be able to grasp the details of a particular economic situation and see the market reaction to it.
We hope that Economic Calendar will become an assistant to every trader and help them make right decisions on Forex.

FX News

News plays an important role in every traders daily life. A currency’s value depends on the macroeconomic situation in this currency’s home country. To make your trading profitable, you need to follow economic news regularly as well as be able to understand the meaning of various reports and indices's issued by central banks.

We offer you the special Forex News section with a constantly updated newsfeed. Forex news is an indispensable tool needed to predict rate movements. If the published macroeconomic data contradicts the current market trend, then its influence on market dynamics will be limited to several hours. Conversely, if the data confirms the trend, the latter will keep strengthening and may possibly rebound afterwards. Listed below is the latest Forex news that reflects the situation in the global economy, finance, politics, and currency markets and has a direct impact on currency quotes. Keep track of events and changes in the Forex world in order to take timely and effective decisions when trading.